Joffre Creek Cabins


indoor & outdoor fires are only permitted when allowed by the province


do not attract bears.even by accident. 
if they find food on site, they will start to look to humans for food & will lose their fear. if that happens they will need to be destroyed. 
keep dog food, trash, groceries, & coolers indoors at all times. clean BBQ thoroughly after use.

every summer our forests burn uncontrollably; often due to carelessness.
no smoking at joffre creek cabins.
if smoking anywhere in BC forests, including while driving, never flick your butt away.

no loud music or parties, particularly after dusk.

if you are lucky enough, you might spot grizzlies, black bears, foxes, coyotes, moose, and many more incredible forest creatures. please keep children & pets close, carry noisemakers when hiking, and familiarize yourself on how to stay safe. please email us for guidance if needed.

+30 days in advance full refund
15-30 days 50% refund
14 days or less, no refund 
under 30 days, no reservation deferrals
all refunds exclude transaction fees

during winter, you will either need winter tires, (or new m+s tires) to ascend the driveway. if weather- (or tire-) conditions don't allow for ascent, you can park at our lower level which would yield a 2 minute walk up. in this rare case, we will shuttle you & your items up/down as needed.

when hiking the local trails, dog owners to please bag up waste & bring out to a bin

any visiting friends staying later than 8pm are subject to the $50 per person (plus taxes)'additional guest' daily rate


please email with inquiries, or  whatsapp 604.518.3456
no regular texts please, as we are frequently off-grid
2908 sea to sky (Hwy #99), pemberton

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