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Joffre Creek Cabins

frequently asked questions

is there cell reception & power at the cabins?
You betcha! Our property is 'on-grid' and you can make phone calls inside & out of the cabins.


are the rental units situated privately?
yes, each rental is outside of the line-of-sight from the others. The Airstream is the only rental on the lower level, and the Big- and Little- Cabins are about 300 feet away from each other on the upper level. That being said we still ask for quiet hours at dusk as loud music/voices will reach the other spaces

do you take private bookings for prominent figures

while we understand the unique circumstance this may require, we exclusively host bookings via AirBnB. We have a proven track record for discretion, and encourage your representatives to reach out directly for bookings that enhance privacy. 

can any guest use the hot tub, sauna, & outdoor movie projector?
the hot tub is for the exclusive use of guests at the Big Cabin, the sauna is for the exclusive use of guests at the Little Cabin, the projector is for the exclusive use of guests at the Airstream.

can I rent out all three units at once?
we do whole-property rentals exclusively via AirBnB with a 3-night minimum, and $820 surcharge. Max capacity is 12ppl - 6 at the Big Cabin, 4 at the Little, 2 at the Airstream. 

do you have a cancellation list?
absolutely! Please email us at to be added. This is a 'blanket list' in that every opening will cross your path - we don't tailor it by cabin, or specific date range. We give this list a day's heads-up before announcing the opening on Instagram.

are you guys on site?
we live on site from Oct-March in the Big Cabin (hence its closure during that time), and from April-Sept are there daily to clean, perform maintenance on the site & hot tub, give warm-welcomes, fond-farewells, and answer any questions.

do you see a lot of bears or wild animals?
we have seen forest animals on site, and even though our creatures are very wild (ie: scared of humans), there is a chance you may see them too. You need not be afraid, just informed: leave garbage/compost/dog-food indoors, make noise while hiking, and keep dogs on a leash. We have courtesy bear spray for you to borrow, and are always here to answer any questions you have.

can I check-in early? or check-out late?
please accept our apologies that we are not able to offer extended check-in/out at this time.
We use the turnover time to prepare the cabins to our exacting standards, and wait for laundry cycles.

are you located at the Joffre Lakes?
At 12km away we are the closest rentals to the Joffre Lakes Provincial Park. (There are no buildings or rentals inside the park boundaries). Since there was a short, but surprise, closure of the park in '23, we now make the distinction that we are unaffiliated with the park, and do not guarantee access. Our cancellation policy holds, regardless of any park closures.

what are the main differences between the Big & Little Cabin?
the Big Cabin is more spacious indoors, and has more flat area outdoors for yard games. The Big Cabin has access to the fairy garden, has a dishwasher, hot tub, and a fully-stocked kitchen beyond just the basics. The Little Cabin has a ladder to get to the sleeping loft, and the Big Cabin has a staircase. The Big Cabin has a stand-in shower, and The Little Cabin has a shower with a tub. Both have private screened gazebos, wood-burning fire pits (when allowed by the Province), and propane fire pits.

do you accept cats?
due to allergies we do not accept cats.


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