Joffre Creek Cabins

understanding the calendars

because we host more than one calendar, and we need to handle changes remotely, our only option is google calendar. it is unique in that it is not viewable in a comprehensible format on cell phones. this is why you can only see them from a desktop, laptop, or tablet.
if you only have cell access, i can screengrab & email you a picture of which one you'd like to see.

in addition, it doesn't provide us the option to book off partial days that lodgings use to clarify check-ins/outs and have to instead use a dark grey bar through the date box to indicate when a night is already filled. so below is an example of two dates that are available to be booked. in this case, a guest would check-in on the 6th (as early as 3pm), and would check-out on the 8th (by 11am).

finally, because we have calendars also on airbnb and trip advisor, we never offer a 'book-online', or 'instant book' option, so all bookings get arranged and confirmed via email.

please accept our apology for any confusion & trust that we will implement a better system as soon as one is available.

please email with inquiries, or  whatsapp 604.518.3456
no regular texts please, as we are frequently off-grid
2908 sea to sky (Hwy #99), pemberton

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